Monday, April 27, 2009

Teaching Frugality to Kids

So my 4 year old Emma tells my husband yesterday that she wants to go to Disney again this Summer. He tried to explain to her that we went last year and after just buying a house we are not going to be able to go again this Summer. She them wants to know why and we explain that it is very expensive and costs a lot of money. My then frugal-learning-six-year-old Maddelyn pipes up and says "Yeah Emma, we used to have all we have is coupons and a debit card!" So wise, now if we can just teach her to take out the debit card and do a cash only budget the Dave Ramsey way we'd be right on track! LOL! I even had her couponing the other day. She had $1.00 to spend if she could behave for me while we did our errands the other day. She new our last stop was Meijer and she could spend it there to get a candy if she behaved through the other stores. Well while at CVS (right before Meijer) I showed her that they had flavored Twizzlers for 75% off at $0.40. I told her that if she bought those now instead of something at Meijer like she wanted, that she could get the candy and STILL have money left over. She was so proud to come home and show her dad that she got a bigger pack of candy than she normally could have with her dollar and she also got money back! Wow, I'm so proud! She's learning a lot about using the resources God has given you to the very best of your ability!

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