Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Great FREEbies!

So I have stumbled on some new Freebies (Thanks Aunt Tabitha!) so I thought I would share!

Have a child that is potty training or soon to start? (Do we EVER leave that stage with 4 kids, 6 and under??) Then click here for a FREE Potty Training DVD form Pull-ups!

Baby One Step is offering a FREE Baby Blanket and mini stuffed animal! You can choose from a boy bear, girl pig, or neutral lamb. Click here!

Juicy Juice is offering a FREE Sippy Cup when you register on their website. *Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

All of these deals, as well as many more be found on Free Stuff 4 Free!! Keep an eye on their site for new freebies!!

Another hint is that I have set up another alternate email address (actually an old email address of mine) to use when signing up for free offers and coupons. This way it is a legitamate email address that you are entering onto the forms but your email will NOT get clogged up with all the spam that comes with these great deals. Remember a lot of the free samples are also free because they sell your email address to other companies who in turn send you lots of spam. I do once in a great while check that other email address to see if I messed some coupons or such. I usually do a mass delete when I go in to check. Just an idea to pass on.

New Walmart Deals 4/28

Here is a updated list of the newest Walmart deals. Thanks Bargain Briana! Remember Walmart does not double coupons and to do a store comparison price, you must have that other store's sales flyer with you!

Here’s a few of the Walmart Deals I’ve found:

Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener 50 loads $4 (On rollback)
Final Price: $2

Clean & Clear Morning Burst $4 (On rollback)
Final Price: $2

Gillette Fusion Razon $7 (on rollback)
Use $2 off Gillette Fusion from 4-5 P&G Insert (Expire 4/30/09)
Final Price: $5

Pillsbury Brownie Mix $1 (on rollback) – Buy 2 for coupon
Use $1 off 2 Pillsbury Brown Mix from 3-29 Red Plum Insert (Expires 6/30/09)
Final Price: 50¢/each

Speedstick or Lady Speed Stick $1 (on rollback) — Buy 2 for coupon
Use .75 off 2 from 4-26 Smart Source (Expires 5-16-09)
Final Price: 62¢/each

Thomas English Muffins $1.97 (on rollback)
Use $1 off 1 from March 2009 All You Magazine
Final Price: 97¢

Thomas English Muffins $1.97 (on rollback)
Use .50/1 from 4-19 Smart Source Insert (Expires 8/31/09)
Final Price: $1.47

Wheat Thins or Triscuits $2 (on rollback) — Buy 2 for coupon
Use $1 off 2 Wheat Thins or Triscuits from 3-15 Smart Source Insert (Expires 5/31/09)
Final Price: $1.50/each

Wheat Thins Artisan (these are YUMMY!) $2 (on rollback) — Buy 2 for coupon
Use Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Wheat Thin Artisan from 3-15 Smart Source Insert (Expires 5/31/09)Final Price: $1/each
Hawaiian Snacker Rolls 4 ct. $2 (Again, these are yummy for sanwiches!)
Use $1/2 printable
Final Price: $1.50/each

Capri Sun 10 pk Sunrise $1.97 (on rollback)
Use $1/1 from 4-19 Smart Source Insert (Expires 7/31/09)
Final Price: 97¢
Thanks to Money Saving Mom for these other Walmart deals!
Heather found trial size Evercare Lint Rollers at her local Wal-Mart for $0.97 each. If you find these at your store, you can use this $1/1 coupon here or this $1/1 coupon here to get them free after coupons!

Also, check to see if your store has Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrushes for $0.97 each. There was a $1/1 coupon in the 4/26 SmartSource insert which makes these free after coupons.
And finally, Erin over at Coupon Cravings said that Velveeta Shells and Cheese are on sale at Wal-Mart for $1 per box. Use the $1.50/2 coupon here to get these for $0.25 per box after the coupon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tide To Go Coupon!

So anyone who knows me knoew that I could be a spokes person for Tide-to-go Pens! I'm more than a little anal with 4 kids 6 and under abotu their clothes and with that many tiny ones (and Mommy pscho about keeping clothes clean) there are bound to be messes that need cleaned up. Tide is by far my favorite detergent anywyas for stain fighting so Tide-to-go is perfect got this Mommy-on-the-go! As many clothing items that have been saved by Tide, I see it as another means of being frugal, especially when paired with a good asle and a coupon! So to help our wallets, I'm sharing a coupon for Tide-to-go pens that I found! May your Summer be STAIN FREE!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Teaching Frugality to Kids

So my 4 year old Emma tells my husband yesterday that she wants to go to Disney again this Summer. He tried to explain to her that we went last year and after just buying a house we are not going to be able to go again this Summer. She them wants to know why and we explain that it is very expensive and costs a lot of money. My then frugal-learning-six-year-old Maddelyn pipes up and says "Yeah Emma, we used to have all we have is coupons and a debit card!" So wise, now if we can just teach her to take out the debit card and do a cash only budget the Dave Ramsey way we'd be right on track! LOL! I even had her couponing the other day. She had $1.00 to spend if she could behave for me while we did our errands the other day. She new our last stop was Meijer and she could spend it there to get a candy if she behaved through the other stores. Well while at CVS (right before Meijer) I showed her that they had flavored Twizzlers for 75% off at $0.40. I told her that if she bought those now instead of something at Meijer like she wanted, that she could get the candy and STILL have money left over. She was so proud to come home and show her dad that she got a bigger pack of candy than she normally could have with her dollar and she also got money back! Wow, I'm so proud! She's learning a lot about using the resources God has given you to the very best of your ability!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Deals 4/26 - 5/2

Since the weather is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL outside today...I am not going to individually post all the sale add deals for this week. I am kinda cheating by linking you to the blogs that I will be making my shopping lists from. So here you go!

Right Aid Deals from Coupon Insider

Walgreens Deals from Hip to Save

CVS Deals from Deal Seeking Mom

Giant Eagle from Cherry Picker

Publix from Southern Savers

Still looking for my local Kroger's and Aldi's. another tip is that I "google" the store's name plus the start date of the sale. This way I can check out not only the deals that everyone's found with coupon matches, but different bloggers have different scenarios on their blogs of how to get the best deals with sales that you can buy more than one type of product for that sale price. Most bloggers post their sale/coupon match ups on Friday or Saturday/ I generally do my shopping lists on Saturday evening after the kids go to bed and then my shopping after church on Sunday. Hubby takes the kids home for a nap and I head to the stores.

Have a great Saturday!!

FREE Red Plum Coupons in the Mail!

I just found out from Bargain Briana that you can request a copy of Red Plum Coupon inserts to be sent to your home. Click HERE for the form. It mentions about Red Plum not being available in some newspapers across the country but it does not ask you if you are not able to receive it. Mark that you are a consumer on the pull down tab and then it will allow you to fill out a form requesting a copy of the Red Plum coupon inserts to be mailed to your house. It says allow at least 5 weeks for the coupons to begin arriving in the mail.

Old Navy Military Apprecitation!! Woo-Hoo!!

So while at Old Navy today spending the coupons I found last night hunting on Old Navy Weekly, I was handed a small slip in my bag. I got home and read:
Military Appreciation Day

"The 1st of every month at Old Navy take 10% off your purchase! Be sure to bring your Military ID to show us when you check out."

Hip Hip Hooray for those how honor our military and their families! We love that and my debit card says thank you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kmart Double Coupon Deals 4/18 - 4/26

So I did break down and drive the 40 minutes to the closest Kmart to take advantage of them doubling coupons up to $2.00. I thought about but just couldn't quite justify driving the 1 hour and 20 minutes to the Columbus Kmarts that had tripling coupons up to $0.75 and doubling up to $4.00! Maybe next go around?? I did hear possibly that the next big doubles were the first week of May??? That could just be a rumor, but it's worth keeping my ears open for.

So here are my super great deals from yesterday. Remember that Kmart is doing the big doubles through Saturday! Check out more great doubling deals at Common Sense with Money!

Transaction #1 (only allowed 25 coupons per day so my daughter checked out as well)

2 Veet $4.49 (clearance)
$2/1 coupon from recent insert?? ($4/1 doubled)
Final: $0.49 each

Sally Hansen Nail Polish $2.39
$1/1 from Kmart coupon booklet hanging in health and beauty aisle ($2/1 doubled)
Final $0.39

Kiss Nail Stickers $2.29
$1/1 Kmart coupon book ($2/1 doubled)
Final: $0.29

Gillette Shaving Creme $2.69
- $1/1 I think 4/5 or 4/19 SS ($2/1 doubled)
Final $0.69

2 Soleil System $3.24 (clearance)
$2/1 printable here ($4/1 doubled)
Final: each FREE

2 Soleil Razor 1 pack $2.50 (clearance)
$2/1 printable here ($4/1 doubled)
Final: each FREE

Johnson and Johnson Safety Swabs $1.59
$1/1 from 3/8 RP ($2/1 doubled)
Final: FREE

Windex Wipes $2.50
$0.75/1 from ?? insert ($1.50/1 doubled)
Final: $1.00

Huggie Wipes 64 count $2.50
$$0.75/1 from Huggies home mailer ($1.50/1 doubled)

Febreeze $2.79
$1.50/1 from a coupon inside a glade package ($3/1 doubled)
Final: FREE

2000 Flushes $2.99
$1/1 from 2/1/25/09 SS ($4/1 doubled)
Final: $0.99

3 Pledge Multi-Surface $4.19
$2/1 printable here ($4/1 doubled)
Final : $0.19 each

2 Glade Sense and Spray Refills $1.50
$0.50/1 printable now ended ($1/1 doubled)
Final: $0.50 each

2 Motts Applesauce Cups (6 pack) $2.00
$0.55/1 printable offer over ($1.10 doubled)
Final: $0.90 each

Hormel Completes $2.00
$1/1 from 4/5 SS ($2/1)
Final: FREE

2 Side Dishes Broccoli and Cheese Rice $1.29
$ honestly can't remember??
Final: less than $0.50 each??

2 Tropicana $2.99
$1/1 printable from Easter greeting at Tropicana website ($2/1 doubled)
Final: $0.99 each

2 Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup $1.00
$1/2 printable here ($2/2)
Final: FREE

Out of Pocket: $18.22
Savings & Coupons combined: $69.96

Transaction #2
Sally Hansen Emery Boards $1.49
$1/1 from 3/8 SS insert ($2/1 doubled)
Final: FREE

Vaseline Foot Lotion $2.50
$1.50/1 from 3/1 insert ($3/1 doubled)
Final: FREE

2 Nature's Source Bathroom Cleaners $2.79
$1/1 coupon from 4/5 SS insert ($2/1 doubled)
Final: $0.79 each

Pledge Multisurface Duster Refill Pack $3.19
$2/1 printable over on ANY multisurface product ($4/1 doubled)
Final: FREE

3 Huggies Wipes 64 count $2.50
$0.75/1 coupon from 4/19 SS insert ($1.50/1 doubled)
Final: 1.00 each

Out of Pocket: $4.88
Savings and Coupons: $16.85

FINAL Out of Pocket: $23.10
TOTAL Savings:$86.81

New Walmart Deals!

Walmart is just introducing their Dollar Aisle so be sure to check out these new deals....

Crest Toothpaste--$1
- $0.75/1 coupon from the 4/5 P&G insert
Final: $0.25 each after coupon

Crunch and Munch--$1 (Buy 2)
Final: $0.50 each after coupon

Angel Soft Toilet paper (4 roll pack)--$1
-$0.50/1 coupon from 4/19 insert
Final: $0.50 after coupon

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Crackers--$1 (Buy 2)
- $1/2 from 3/1 SmartSource insert
Final: $0.50 per box after coupon

French’s Mustard $1.00
-$0.50/1 coupon from 3/29 SmartSource insert
Final: $0.50 each after coupon

Pillsbury Brownie Mix--$1.00
- $0.35/1 coupon from 4/19 RedPlum insert
Final: $0.65 each after coupon

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Notebookes, Diapers, Candles, and More FREE!!!!

Click here to get a free notbook and pen from Competitive Society. Thanks hip2save!

Click here to get get a free sample of Hugglies Diapers form Sam's Club. you do not have to bee a member to get them. You can just put any numbers int he membership ID spot if you are not a memeber. Thanks hip2save

Click here for a sample of Burgie's All Natural Laundry Detergent. Allow 5-9 days for delivery. Thanks hip2save!

Click here for a coupon from Arby's for a free iced fuitea drink withthe purchase of any sandwich! Thanks hip2save!

Click here for a free sample of Head and Shoulders. If you are already a member of P&G Everyday, then just sign in at that link and then on the right hand side there is a tab ethat soays something about samples. click on it and you can sign up for both the Head and Shoulders as well as Prilosec OTC.


$4/1 printable for Glade Soy Candles!
Deal Option: Target is running a sale on the small ones for $5.79, but buy 2 and get a $5.00 Target gift card. Pair that with the coupon and get 2 at $5.99 each - (2) $4/1 and pay $3/58 plus tax for 2 OOP. Then you get back a $5.00 GC and it ends up being better than free!

Walgreens also ahs the small ones for $5.99, with the $4/1 coupon paired with the $2 easy saver rebate from April...making it again FREE!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Great Deals!!

Remember those $2.50/1 coupons for electasol from this last week's Smart Source coupons??? Well Meijer and Target both have them on sale for $3.00 this week, making them only $0.50 a box! That means stocking up on dishwasher gel packs and clean dishes for all!!

Click here for a free 10 pack of Freeze and Steam Bags!

Click here for a $1/2 coupon for Cambelles cooking soups! Pair this with a sale and great some VERY cheap soups!

Free Samples of Aveeno Nourish form CVS here and Aveeno here and now also from Walmart here ! Yep! Be sure to sign up for all three for some healthy hair samples!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My CVS Deals 4.19 - 4.26

Here is some of the fun stuff I picked up this week at CVS. I happened upon the jackcpot int he deoderant aisle when I amtched up the clearance prices with my coupon stash. Yet another reason I take my coupon binder into the stores even when I have a list and my "to be used" coupons laid out. You never know what clearance deals you might stumble upon! For more info on this week's CVS delas you can visit BeCentsAble

Transaction #1
3 Tresseme 24 hour body products (3/$10)
- 3 $1/1 printable tresseme 24 hour body coupons
- $2 beauty coupon *expired (my CVS cashier wanted to make sure I got both the tresseme ECB so she split the order and the $4 beauty coupon for me!)
OOP: $5.35 (Out of Pocket)
ECB Earned: $5.00

Transaction #2
3 Tresseme 24 hour body products
- 3 $1/1 printable Tresseme 24 hour body coupons
-$2 beauty coupon *expired see not above
-$5.00 EBC form transaction#1
OOP: $0.35
ECB earnerd $5.00

Transaction #3
Act Rinse floride Rinse for Kids $4.99
Crest Prohealth toothpaste $2.88
Crest Prohealth toothpaste $2.88
Edge infused Shaving Creme $2.89
Brute Deoderant $0.95 *clearance
Gillette Deoderant $1.12 *clearance
Gillette Deoderant $1.12 *clearance
Right Guard Deoderant $1.65 *clearance
Right Guard Deoderant $1.65 *clearance
-0.56/1 Brute
- 0.75/1 Crest
-0.75/1 Crest
-$1.00/1 Right Guard
-$1.00/1 Right Guard
-$1.00/2 Gillette
-$5.00 ECB from Tresseme
OOP: $10.75
ECB earned: $8.89 total - 2 $2.00 (crest) & $2.89 (edge) & $2.00 Act Rinse
Transaction #4
Forgot to check these out!
L'Orel eyeshadow $4.99
L'Orel eyeshadow Free (B1G1)
Huggies Clean Team Wipes $2.00 *clearance
-$1/1 huggies bath coupon 4.19
-$2/1 coupon eyeshadow
- $2/1 coupon eyeshadow
-$4.00 ECB (crest)
OOP: $0.64
Saved: $13.99
Total OOP: $16.45
Saved that day $67.25
Saved year to date (one month's time!) $248.56
Not too bad for about 6 months worth of shampoo for me, deoderant for hubby, plus all the extas! This is why I love shopping at CVS!

Walmart Deals Updated 4.20

Here is the most current deals I could find. Thanks to Centsible Sawyer for most of these! Remember that price does seem to vary a little by location. Walmart also does NOT double coupons.

**New* Buy Blue Bunny Ice Cream $3.50
Use $1/1 HERE
Final Price $2.50
**New* Buy Glaceau VitaminWater10 20 oz bottle $1
Use $1/1 (SS 4/5)
Final Price: FREE
**New* Buy Eggo Waffles $1.79
Use $.75/1 (RP 4/5)
Total OOP $1.04

*NEW* Duncan Hines Cake Mixes $0.96
Use $0.35/1 coupon from 3/29 insert
Final Price: $0.61
Buy 5 @ $0.61 each
= $3.05
Then submit for a $5.00 rebate HERE
Thanks to Heather!
**NEW* Cocoa Puffs Rollback $1.75
$0.75/1 printable on my coupon bar (right side bar)
Final Price: $1.00
**NEW* Tostitos Scoops 2/$3.00
Use the $3/2 coupon from the Pepsi Rebate
Final Price: FREE
Thanks to Heather!
**NEW* Betty Crocker Frosting $0.88
Use $).55/1 coupon from my coupon bar (right side bar)
Final Price: $0.33
**NEW* Welch's AquaJuice $3.99
Use BOGO coupon from my coupon bar (right side bar)
Final Price: about $2 each
**NEW* 8oz. Daisy Sour Cream $1.08
Use $0.50/1 coupon from 4/5 SS Insert (Expires 5/31)
Final Price: $0.58 each
Thanks to Heather!
**NEW* Oscar Myer Deli Creations $2.50
Use $0.75/1 coupon from
Final Price: $1.75 each
Thanks to Heather!
**NEW* McCormick Seasoning Packets $0.50 - $1.00
Use 0.75/1 coupon from 4/5 insert
Final Price: FREE - $0.25 each
Thanks to Heather!
*NEW* Mahatma rice 1lb bag is 1.04
Use with the $0.50 coupon
Final Price: $0.54
Vitamin Water $1 $1 off from 4/5 SS insert
Final Price: FREE!
Tropicana TROP50 $2.00
$1 off printable HERE
Final Price: $1
Mega T Green Tea 30 ct $4.00
Use $2/1 from 3/29 RP
Final Price: $2
Quaker Rice Cakes $1.36
Use $1/1 from 3/29 RP
Final Price: $0.36
Quaker Tortilla Rice Snacks $1.50
Use $1/1 from 3/29 RP
Final Price: $0.50
Kelloggs Eggo Waffles 10 ct $1.79
Use $0.75/1 from 4/5 RP
Final Price: $1.04
Smart Balance Butter for $2.00.
Use the Buy one get the sticks for free
Final Price: both products for $1 each!'
6ct Freschetta PizzAmore stuffed breadsticks (garlic w/ marinara) $1.98
Use $1/1 any Freschetta PizzAmore product from SS or RP?
Final Price: $0.98
Airhead Extremes $0.64
Use $0.55/1 (expires 05/03/09)
Final Price $0.09
Duncan Hines Cake Mix Rollback $0.96
Use $0.35 from 03/29/09 SS (expires 5/1/09)
Final Price: $0.61
Kraft Salad Dressing (16 oz) $1.58
Use $1.50/1 coupon from SS 3/29/09
Final Price: $0.08
Thanks to Jennifer!
Skippy Peanut Butter $2.08
Use $0.60 RP 1/18/09 (expires 4/12/09)
Final Price: $1.48
Wheat Thins Artisan Cheese Crackers 8oz $2.00
Use BOGO coupon from SS 03/15/09 (expires 5/31/09) AND STACK
Use $1/1 coupon from SS 03/15/09 (expires 5/31/09)
Final Price: $0.50 each
Mayfield Over the Moon Milk $2.98
Use $1/1 half gallon coupon from recent insert
Use $1/1 printable HERE
Use MIR (FREE w/rebate form-attached expires 5/3)
Final Price: FREE
Dole Canned Fruit, 2/$2.00
Use $0.75/2 Dole Canned Fruits, exp. 4-25-09 (SS 2/1/09)
Final Price: $0.63Thanks to Heather!
Pringles Fat-Free Cans, 2/$2
Use $1/2 Pringles Fat Free, exp. 4-30-09 (P&G 3/15/09)
Final Price: $0.50 Thanks to Heather!
Starkist Tuna Pouches $0.93 Buy 3
Use with $1.50/3 coupon (found in stores)
AND Use with BOGO coupon from recent insert
Final Price: about $0.50 for 3
Lance 8 pk. cookies are $2
Use the $1/1 from SS 2/22
Final Price: $1
Hormel Chili – No Beans, 2/$2
$1/2 Hormel Chili Products, exp. 5-31-09 (SS 3/15/09)
Final Price: $0.50
Thanks to Tara!
Pringles $0.88
Use the $1/2 from the last PG
Final Price: $0.38 per can!
Glucerna Cereals $3.80
$5/1 coupon HERE
Submit for a $1 rebate per box from Caregiver's Marketplace
Final Price: Free + $2.16 money-maker per box!
*Found in the Pharmacy Thanks to The Frugal Muse!
Starkist Tuna Creations $1.42
Use $1/1 March All You
Final Price: $0.42
Pilgrim's Pride Chicken Legs $.99-$1.29/lb - price depends on pkg size: get the family size for $.99/lb.
Best deal: buy 1lb pkgs. @ $1.29 each
Use $0.75 from 1/25 SS or $.55 printable HERE
Final Price: $0.54
Thanks to Moms By Heart
Danimals Crush Cups $2
$1/1 Danimals Crush Cups, SS 3/1/09 (exp. 6/01/09)
Final Price: $1
Pringles Minis, $1.88
$1/1 Pringles Stix, Select, Snack Stack, or Mini Product, P&G 2/8/09 (exp. 3/31/09)
Final Price: $1
True North Peanut Nut Clusters 5.5 oz bags $1.00
Use with $1/1 coupon from SS 2/8/09 (exp. 9/30/09)
Final Price: FREE!!
Ken's salad dressings are $1.78
Use with $2/1 coupon from the 3/8/09 SS
Final Price: FREE + $0.22 overage!
Mentos Gum $0.99 - $1.28
Use with $1/1 coupon expires 4-30-09 (SS 3/1/09)
Final Price: FREE - $0.28
Crystal Light To Go $2
Use with $2/1 man. coupon found in the Publix flyer
Use with $1/2 coupon HERE
Final Price: FREE - $1.50
Ritz and Wheat Thin Baked (in the bag) on rollback for $2
$2/2 coupon Ritz, Wheat Thins or Triscuit exp. 3/31/09 (SS 1/25/09)
Final Price: $1 a bag when you buy 2
McCormick seasoning packs (taco, chili, etc) rollback to $0.50
$0.25/2 coupon from insert
Final Price: $0.37 each
Bird's Eye Steam Fresh Meals for Two $5
$2/1 coupon from recent insert Buy Bird's Eye Steam Fresh Meals for Two get frozen veggies for free coupon from recent insert
Final Price: Both for $3
Crunch and Munch, $1
$0.50 coupon HERE
Final Price: $0.50
Thanks Tara!
Nestle refrigerated Cookie Dough $2.35
$1 off Printable HERE (login first)
Final Price: $1.35
Cascadian Farms Organic Granola $2.98
$1 off coupon PRINTABLE HERE
Final Price: $1.98
Kashi Soft Baked Cereal Bars $2.98 (kind of look like Nutragrain)
$2 off printable HERE
Final Price: $0.98
Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides, $0.98
$0.75/2 Knorr Rice and Pasta Side Dishes, exp. 4-12-09 (V 1/18/09)
Final Price: $0.62 each
Activia Yogurt (4-pk.), $2
$1/1 Dannon Activia 4 pk. or Activia Light, exp. 4-30-09 (SS 1/11/09)
Final Price: $1
Celestial Seasonings Tea, $1.88
$1/1 Celestial Seasonings Tea, exp. 4-11-09 (1/11/09)
Final Price: $0.88
Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom!
South Beach Bars, $2.60
Final Price: $0.60
Egg Beaters, $2
Final Price: $1 after coupon!
Healthy Choice Traditional Frozen Meals, $2
Final Price: $1 after coupon!
Thanks, Angie! and DealSeekingMom!
Betty Crocker potatoes for $0.79 cents a box
Check your coupon stash... There have been $0.35/1 coupons and $1/2 $0.40/1 coupon HERE
Final Price: $0.44 - $0.29
Thanks to Becky!
Muir Glen Fire Roasted Chopped Tomatoes, $1.18
Final Price: $0.18
Thanks, Laina and Deal Seeking Mom!
Campbell's Cream Soups are on sale at Walmart for $0.60 ea. (Normally priced at $1.08 ea)
Use with $0.50/3 or $0.25/3 coupons from inserts
Final Price: $1.30/3= $0.43 each
$1.55/3= $0.52 ea.
Thanks to Alana Jo at Just Thrifty Nifty!
Coffee-Mate $1.98$1 off Coffee-Mate
Final Price: $0.98
Cascadian Farms Organic Purely Steam packages are $1.22.
Use this PRINTABLE coupon for $1/1 HERE and HERE
Final Price: $0.22Kashi crackers are $2.50/box
Final Price: $0.50/box
Rachel Ray Isaboo Treats $2
Use $1/1 (5-31-09) SS 2/1/09
Final Price: $1
*YMMV - these were found on clearance
Meow Mix Treats $0.96
$0.75 off coupon
Final Price: $0.21
Beggin' Strips Treats for dogs $3.17
BOGO coupon from 1/11 SS insert
Printable $3 off coupon HERE
Final Price: (with both coupons: 2/$0.17)
Good Life Cat Food (2.7-lb. bag) , $4
$3/1 Good Life Recipe Dry Cat or Dog Food, exp. 4-5-09 (RP #2 1/4/09)
Final Price: $1
Purina Cat Food - Select Varities regular price $3.97
$4 off any bag of Purina PRINTABLE HERE
Final Price: FREE + $0.03 overage!
Purina Puppy Chow 4lb bag regular price $4.12
$4 off any bag of Purina PRINTABLE HERE
Final Price: $0.12
Purina Cat Food - Select Varieties regular price $3.97
Purina Puppy Chow 4lb bag regular price $4.12
(making it .12 cents a bag)
*New* Buy Visine AC Eye Drops .5 oz $3.62
Use $3/1 (RP 03/15)
Final Price $.62
Suave Deodorant $0.94
Use $0.50/1 from 3/29 RP
Final Price: $0.44
Suave Hair Care $0.93
Use $0.50/1 from 3/29 RP
Final Price: $0.43
Oil of Olay Bar soap, 2 pack is $1.97
Use with $2/1 coupon from 4/5 PG
Final Price: FREE!
No Nonsense Ultra Sheer Pantyhose 1 pr $1
Use $1/1 coupon from 3/29 SS
Final Price: FREE!
Old Spice Deodorant $2.18
Use $1/1 from 4/5 PG
Final Price: $1.18
John Frieda Shampoo $4.97
Use $2/1 from 4/5 SS
Final Price: $2.97
St. Ives Essentials Warming Face Scrub $3
*There were $2.00 off in the SS or RP a few weeks back
Final Price: $1.00
*Clearance - YMMV
Thanks to Christina!
Sexy Curve Mascara
The April issue of All You will have a Try Me Free coupon on page 35
Final Price: FREE!
Aquafresh white fresh trays on clearance for $5 (YMMV)
Print out the coupon from eversave
Final Price: FREE!
Aveeno baby wash $2.98 in the baby section
Use with $2/1 printable HERE
Final Price: $0.98
Suave Advanced Therapy, Cocoa Butter with Shea and Aloe with Cucumber Lotion $0.97 (3 oz)Use with $1/1 coupon from RP 12/14
Final Price: FREE!
Johnson's Body Care lotion $0.97 (trial size)
Use with $1/1 coupon expires 5/31/09
Final Price: FREE!
Neosporin To go single use packets (10 packets per box) marked $2.50 scanned for $1.00
Use with $1/1 coupon
Final Price: FREE!
*Clearance - YMMV
Olay Total Effects age defying cleansing cloths (black box 30 ct.) Marked $5
Use with $5 Olay coupon
Final Price: FREE!
*Clearance - YMMV
Durex Pleasure Pack (3pc. pack) for $1.97
$2 any Durex product coupon in 02/08 SS
Final Price: FREE!!
L'Oreal Ever Pure Boxed Set (was $10) now $3
This is like a shampoo/conditioner boxed set
They come in Rosemary Mint for Smooth or Moisture
$2/1 coupon from 2/1 insert
Final Price: $1!
*clearance - YMMV
6 packs of schick bonus -12/pk razors for $1.97
$2.00 off coupon SS 1/11/09
Final Price: FREE + $0.13 overage
Carefree Pantyliners $1
$1/1 coupon from Shape magazine
Final Price: $0.50 -Free
Suave Hand Lotion (3oz, not travel size) is $0.97
$1/1 Suave Moisturizer coupon in the 12/14 Red Plum Insert
Final Price: FREE plus overage!
Thanks to Hollie Plemons!
*NEW* Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath $1.76
Use $0.50 printable from my coupon bar (right side bar)
Final Price: $1.26
Johnsons Baby Swabs $1.38
Use $1/1 from 3/8 RP
Final Price: $0.38
Seventh Generation Wipes (about $2)
Use with $2 printable HERE
Final Price: FREE!
Sani Hands for Kids 18 count wipes for $1.00
$1/1 coupon from 11/08 (expires 12/09)
Final Price: FREE!
Huggies Baby Wipes $1.46 (40 ct.)
Huggies Bath and Body Product, any $1 (4/5/09) SS 1/11/09
Huggies Bath and Body Product, any $1.25 (home mailer)
Final Price: $0.21 - $0.46
Huggies Baby Wipes (Trial size - 16ct.)
Huggies Bath and Body Product, any $1 (4/5/09) SS 1/11/09
Final Price: FREE!
Wet Ones, $0.92 to $0.97 (Trial Size)
Final price: $0.17 to $0.19 after coupon!
Dora/Diego Band-Aid, 10-Pk $1.18
Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon from newspaper insert (exp. 5/31/09)
Final Price: $0.18
Thanks to Frugal Girls!
Johnson & Johnson Gauze Pads, 10-count $1.56 each
Use $3/2 printable smartsource coupon
Final Price: $0.06 each
Thanks to Frugal Girls!
Reach Value Pack Toothbrush 2-Pk $2.00
Use $1/1 manufacturer 2/8 newspaper coupon (exp. 4/25/09)
Final Price: $1.00 for 2 toothbrushes
Thanks to Frugal Girls!
Oral-B Value Pack Toothbrush 2-Pk $3.28
Use $2/1 manufacturer 2/8 newspaper coupon
Final Price: $1.28 for 2 toothbrushes
Thanks to Frugal Girls!
Ludens Throat Drops, $1.12
$1/1 Ludens Throat Drops, any 30 ct., exp. 4-4-09 (RP #1 1/4/09)
Final Price: $0.12 after coupon!
*NEW* Bounty Paper Towels (25% thicker) Rollback $0.97
Use $0.50/1 from 4/5
Use $1/3 from 4/5 P&G
Final Price: starting at $0.47 each
Clorox Toilet Cleaning Wands starter pack with "bonus" holder $8.74
Use $5 printable HERE
Final Price: $3.74
2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 2 ct $2.88
Use $1 off from 4/5 SS
Final Price: $1.88
Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner $2
Use $1/1 from 3/29 SS
Final Price: $1
Oust Surface Disinfectant & Air Sanitizer $2.50
Use $2/1 from 3/29
Final Price: $0.50
Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit $11.94
Use $4/1 from 4/5 SS
Final Price: $7.94
Glade Fragrance collection soy candlessmaller size is $5.77.
Use $4 Glade (from Right at Home)
Final Price: $1.77

Renuzit Tri-Scents, $4
$4/1 Renuzit TriScents Starter Kit, exp. 4-30-09 (SS 2/22/09)
Final Price: FREE
Resolve Deep Clean Powder, $6.00
Use $1/1 Resolve Product , exp. 4-19-09 (SS 3/8/09)
Use Try Me FREE Hangtags
Final Price: $5.00 or $1.00 Money Maker!
Thanks to Heather!
Snuggle Creme $4
Use $2 printable HERE
Final Price: $2
Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer, $1.97
$1/1 Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer, exp. 4-4-09 (SS 2/22/09)
Final Price: $0.97
Shout Laundry Stain Remover Wipes (4-ct.), $0.97 (Trial Size)
$0.75/1 printable print from my coupon bar (Right Sidebar)
Final Price: $0.22

Clorox Green Works cleaning wipes on clearance for $1 a container
$0.50/1 Printable coupon HERE
Final Price: $0.50
*clearance - YMMV
Rubbermaid storage bins are on sale for $5 (18 gal)
$1/1 coupon from 1/4 SS
Final Price: $4
Brita Slim Pitcher $7.97 (I have heard that they are $5 at some Wal-Marts)
$5 off coupon HERE
Final Price: Free to $2.97 each
Thanks to Jennifer!
Let me know if you see anything else and I wll be happy to add it and give you credit!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day Freebies!

If you're out and about today be sure to snatch up these 2 Earth Day Freebies! Good today only! (thanks Hip2Save!)

The Home Depot will be giving away 1 million CFL bulbs in support of our environment on Earth Day. Receive a free EcoSmart 14w CFL bulb from participating Home Depot stores on April 19, 2009. Quantities may vary by store. Limit one per customer while quantities last. No purchase necessary. Check out more details here.

Head on over to your local Target today, April 19th and get a FREE reusable Target tote bag with any in-store purchase, while supplies last! Target and GE are celebrating Earth Day by giving away 1 million bags; each will include a coupon for $2 off a GE compact fluorescent light bulb!**I will post a reminder for the other Earth Day freebies available on the 22nd later on this week!

CVS Deals 4/19 - 4/26

Here are the deals I will be looking for this week at CVS. For more deals including some great beauty ones check out Hip2Save

Edge Infused Comfort or Hydrate Shave Gel $2.89 (get $2.89 in ECBs) Limit 1

Act Total Care $3.79 (get $2 ECBs) Limit 1
- $1 SS 4/19
= $.79

Bayer Aspirin Quick Release Crystals 4 ct $2 (get $2 ECBs) Limit 1
- $1 SS 3/22

TRESemme 3/$10, Earn $5 ECBs when you buy 3 (limit 2)

Scenario:(6) TRESemme 24-hour Body Products $3.33 ea.
- (6) $1 off Printable Coupons
= $10, Earn $10 ECBs= Free after Coupons & ECBs

Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste $2.88, Earn $2 ECBs (Limit 2)
- 75¢/1 Crest Toothpaste Coupon (4/5 P&G)
= 13¢ after Coupon & ECBs

L’Oreal Eye Shadow or Liner, psa $3.89 (BOGO)
- $2/1 L’Oreal HIP Eye or Eye Product, (RP 4/19/09)
As low as FREE after coupons
Rimmel lip products - BOGO (prices starting at $2.99)
Use TWO $1/1 coupons from the 2/22 RP or 4/19 RP
99¢ for TWO after coupons

Hormel ComplEats Meal: Turkey & Dressing 2/$4
-$1.00 from 4/5 SS
Final Price: $1.00 each

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Walgreen's 4/19 - 4/25

Here is what I will be looking for at Walgreen's this week. For more deals check out Deal Seeking Mom

7-up, A&W, Canada Dry, Hawaiian Punch, Sunkist 12 packs 3 for $11
=$5RR (on 3)
Use this $1/1 7-up coupon from here (will have to plant a cherry tree)
Final cost as low as 3 for $3, ONLY $1 per 12 pack! (thanks hip2save)

Natures Bounty Products B1G1Use the $1/1 IP or HERE
Final Price: Will Vary

Pledge Multisurface Cleaner - 2/$7
-Use $2/1 Pledge HERE
-Get $1 RR WYB 2
Final Price = $2 for 2

Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal - 2/$5
-Use $2/1 Trail Mix HERE
Final Price = $.50 each

Coupon Preview 4/19

There will be 2 coupon inserts in this Sunday's paper, Smart Source (SS) and Red Plum (RP). HERE is a link to a complete preview to what you'll find, but I'll share what I will be looking for this week. It might be a good week to pick up an extra paper or two than you normally do to snatch those coupons. I have heard that Dollar Tree has the Sunday paper in most cities for $1.00! Unfortunately mine doesn't! Someone also said to check out your local Walmart for $0.99 depending on your area. It's worth the trip to see on weeks where you want more than one paper.

1.00 Capri Sun Sunrise product (7/31/09)
1.00 Energizer batteries or flashlight (5/24/09)
2.50 Finish/Electrasol Quantum, Powerball Tabs or Gelpacs (5/17/09)
B1G1 Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refill, get free warmer (5/9/09)
3.00 Huggies Pull Ups jumbo pack (5/16/09)
2.00 Johnson’s Baby Care wash or lotion (7/20/09)
4.00 Schick Quattro Titanium Razor,Trimmer/Refill
1.00 Hefty Waste Bags
5.00 Ortega Mail in Rebate (7/31/09)
2.00 Huggies Little Swimmers Suncare product (6/30/09)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cheap Children's Advil at Krogers

I just ran across here that Kroger's has a great deal on Children's Advil. Theya re B1G1 for $6.99. Then on the outiside of the box there is a $2.00 coupon to take an additional $4.00 off both boxes, so after 2 boxes and using 2 coupons, it ends up being $2.99 for 2 large bottles of Advil! It might vary with region, but supposedly all Krogers have them? Definitley worth checking out!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Old Navy Deal Hunt Time!

Be sure to stop by Old Navy for their weekly deal hunt! Each week they offer some GREAT coupons, some for I believe even $75 off $100!!! Supposedly they start posting (hiding) the deals at around midnight or so on Thursday nights. If you are one of the first ones to scroll around the screen and click on the right objects, a pop up with come up saying what coupons you've found. Be sure to print it or email it to yourself right away so that you don't loose it! Just remember that you are only allowed one offer at a time. To get more than one you have to click off the screen and start again. But you'll need to act fast! Last week I checked mid Friday afternoon and still got $10.00 off two girls dresses. I snatched up 2 clearance dresses for a total of $7.00 after the $10.00 off!!

Here is the link and good luck!!! Let me know what great deals you snatch up!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here is a list of some of the FREEbies out there right now. There are some good ones so be sure to snag these up before the limit quantities are met! Thanks to Mommy Snacks for these!

Get a FREE sample of Nature Made Triple Flex Softgels here.

Click here for a FREE Precious Places DVD from Fischer Price.

Another great laundry detergent sample. This one is from Linens Limited.

Click here for FREE Slim Fast coupons when you register.

Sign up with Quality Health to get your FREE Spring Samples. Just click here.

A FREE sample of Flixsticks here.Request your FREE abstract of "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Powerful Lessons in Personal Change" by clicking here.

Sign up here for a account and get 50 FREE PRINTS! This offer expires on 4/30 - enter coupon code prints-6 at checkout!

Download this rebate for a FREE Reynold’s Wrap 100% recycled aluminum foil on Earth Day.

Get a FREE Mr. Clean Magic Eraser here.

Click here to register with Ideal Bite and get your daily dose of green!

You know that paint that makes your surface look like a dry erase board? Well, you can sample Idea Paint by clicking here.Get a $2 Aveeno coupon by clicking here.

Get your FREE sample of Mighty Leaf Tea here.

HERE is a request for a FREE sample of Aveeno Nourish Hair.

Snag some FREE Huggies samples are here.

Lori has details here on how you can get a FREE gift from Disney on Earth Day.

Don't forget to check the Walmart FREEbies. Click here to see what you'd like to request!

O'Charley's FREE Strawberry Lemonade!

On Wednesday, April 22nd O'Charley's Resturant is giving away FREE Made from Scratch Strawberry Lemonade! With sliced strawberries through out it, this might just be a reason to do lunch at O'Charley's that day!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another GREAT deal!

When you stop by a participating Chick-Fil-A on April 15th, you'll want to hold onto your receipt! The “Tax Relief Day Special” lets you return before April 30 to receive the same order for free.Thanks, Mrs. of the House for this tip! Gotta grab some chicken!!!

Tax Day Deals!!

Here is a round up of all the great tax day deals I have stumbled upon. Too bad none of them are local to us, but hopefully someone else can grab them up! Thanks to Common Sense with Money for these deals!!

Free Cinnabites form Cinnabon, while supplies last and one offer per customer. This offer is only good at mall bakeries and not at airport or travel plazas. Find the Cinnabon closest to you here.

TGI Fridays restaurants is offering $5 Bonus Bites card when you spend $15-$25 dollars and get a $10 Bonus Bites Card when you spend $25 or more dollars. You can use Bonus Bites cards towards your next visit. You can also become a member of their “Give Me More Stripes” loyalty program and you will get a coupon for a free appetizer.

You can get one FREE taco at Taco del Mar with this coupon. Find the location closest to you here.

PF Changs is offering 15% off your food and beverage bill. Find the location closest to you here.

McCormick & Schmicks Seafood restaurants will be giving every tax payer a $10.41 dinner certificate to use towards future meal and a selection of meals for only $10.40. Call your local McCormick & Schmicks to verify they are participating in this promotion.

Maggie Moo’s is offering one FREE single scoop of Ice Cream (double yum!). Good at participating locations and limited to one per customer.

My Walgreens Deals 4/12 - 4/18

Here is the round up from what I found at Walgreen's this week.....

Purchase #1

Scunci Elastics 18pk $2 (only 1 RR printed no matter how many bands purchased at a time)
- Earn $2 Register Rewards
= Free after RR

Total OOP: $2.14
$2.00 RR Earned

Purchase #2
Coffee-mate $3/2
= 2/$1

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner--on sale B1G1 (2 for $2.99)
- Buy 2 and use two $0.75/1 coupons from 3/15 insert
= $0.75 each

Glade Soy Candle $5.99
- $4.00 printable coupon no longer available
- $2.00 ESQ

2 Oral B toothbrushes on Clearance $1.29 each
- $1/1 recent coupon (SS 4/5??)
= 2/$0.58

Chex Mix 8.7 ounce $0.99
- $0.60/1 SS
= $0.39

- Used $2.00 RR from hair bands

Total Savings: 22.09 Total OOP: $4.53
ESQ $2.00
Final Cost $2.53

My CVS Deals 4/12 - 4/18

Although there were no coupons in this weeks newspaper I was still able to go out on Monday (no couponing Sunday because of Easter.) Here is a run down of what I snatched up at CVS this week. Hopefully this will inspire you that it's really not that hard to save a bundle!! Also I have added in my side bar a cheat sheet on all the abbreviations used in the coupon world.

Purchase #1

Colgate Enamel Protect Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste or 360 Sensitive Toothbrush $3.99
- Earn $3.99 ECBs (limit 2)
- 75¢/1 Q (3/29 SS)= Free
= 75¢ Profit after Q and ECBs
- Used a $2.00 ECB from last week's trip

Total OOP: $4.89 ECB's earned:$8.00 (they round up)

Purchase #2

3 Air Wick Mini FreshMatic Automatic Spray .8 oz or Lumin Air Flameless Candle .71 oz Price $4.99/1
- $4/1 from 4/5 SS FreshMatic
= Pay $.99/1

Sobe Life Water B1G1Free
-2 B1G1 Sobe here:
- 4 Free

Vitamin Water 10 is on sale 5/$5.00.
- $1.00/1f any Vitamin Water 10 20 oz. bottle SS 4/5/09 SS
= Free after coupon and sale

Buy 4 Pepsi Product 2 Liter Bottles for $5, get a FREE Sierra Mist
- Purchase an additional Sierra Mist and use the buy one get one free coupon from here,
- $1.00/4 hang tag on the bottles
Final cost only $4 for 6 2 liters, just .67 each!

CVS's Brand 160 Count Wet Wipes Clearance $1.32
= 5 for $6.60

Nestle Butterfinger Eggs (Easter Candy Clearance) $1.75
- $1.00/1 recent Q??
= $0.75 /1
= 2 bags at $1.50

- Used my $8.00 ECB from toothpaste

Total Saved: $57.49
Total OOP: $8.28

CVS Year to Date Savings: $120.32

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Best of" New Coupons has recently updated their printable coupons. If you are not familiar with them they are a great way to print from home some extra saving deals. I believe most of these coupons can be printed up to 2 times each and make for some amazing deals (or even free deals) when combinded with store sale adds. Here are a few I printed. You can also click a link to the entire list of coupons on the banner on my side bar.

$1.00 off V-8 Vegtable Juice

$2.00 off Goodnights Sleep Pants

$2.00 off Dry Ideas Roll On Antiperspirant

$1.50 off Huggies Diapers

$2.00 off Pull-ups

$1.00 Colgate Total Toothpaste

$1.50 off Dove Oil Cream Body Wash

Buy One Get One Free - Welche's Aqua Juice
So since I've been on the couponing band wagon for a few weeks now I have decided to do a coupon blog as well to help other people find some of the amazing deals that others have helped me find! The way I look at it is that why pay full price for the brands I "normally use" when I can get a competitor's product for sometimes 90% less or even for free? Our family believes that it also is our Christian responsibility to make the most out of what we have been given by God. The more we save/have available, the more we are able to use that to bless His Kingdom. So I invite you to join this stay-at-home-mommy as I find and share some of the best money saving deals out there to help you do the most with what you have been given as well!