Thursday, April 16, 2009

Old Navy Deal Hunt Time!

Be sure to stop by Old Navy for their weekly deal hunt! Each week they offer some GREAT coupons, some for I believe even $75 off $100!!! Supposedly they start posting (hiding) the deals at around midnight or so on Thursday nights. If you are one of the first ones to scroll around the screen and click on the right objects, a pop up with come up saying what coupons you've found. Be sure to print it or email it to yourself right away so that you don't loose it! Just remember that you are only allowed one offer at a time. To get more than one you have to click off the screen and start again. But you'll need to act fast! Last week I checked mid Friday afternoon and still got $10.00 off two girls dresses. I snatched up 2 clearance dresses for a total of $7.00 after the $10.00 off!!

Here is the link and good luck!!! Let me know what great deals you snatch up!

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