Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Great FREEbies!

So I have stumbled on some new Freebies (Thanks Aunt Tabitha!) so I thought I would share!

Have a child that is potty training or soon to start? (Do we EVER leave that stage with 4 kids, 6 and under??) Then click here for a FREE Potty Training DVD form Pull-ups!

Baby One Step is offering a FREE Baby Blanket and mini stuffed animal! You can choose from a boy bear, girl pig, or neutral lamb. Click here!

Juicy Juice is offering a FREE Sippy Cup when you register on their website. *Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

All of these deals, as well as many more be found on Free Stuff 4 Free!! Keep an eye on their site for new freebies!!

Another hint is that I have set up another alternate email address (actually an old email address of mine) to use when signing up for free offers and coupons. This way it is a legitamate email address that you are entering onto the forms but your email will NOT get clogged up with all the spam that comes with these great deals. Remember a lot of the free samples are also free because they sell your email address to other companies who in turn send you lots of spam. I do once in a great while check that other email address to see if I messed some coupons or such. I usually do a mass delete when I go in to check. Just an idea to pass on.

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