Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grocery Shopping Strategies: 10 Simple Rules

I found this wonderful cheat sheet on grocery shopping rules from Keeping the Kingdom First. It's short and sweet, but defineity worth trying to put at least a few of these into practice!

1: Do not shop while hungry. This is good common sense.

2: Shop with a list prepared at home (not in the car on the back of an old receipt) and stick to it!

3: Know your target price points. This will vary by region and season. For example, the price to beat on a gallon of milk in my area is currently $2.00, same for a loaf of bread.

4:Use Coupons: combine a coupon with a sale to save the most.

5:Beware of product placement strategies on shelves and endcaps. The best deals are usually high or low on shelves, and not on the endcaps.

6:Eliminate brand loyalty. Be willing to try a variety of brands depending on what is the best value.

7:Find a great deal? Stock up! Since sales only come around every 8-12 weeks, buy enough to last you through the next sale.

8:Get in, get out. Studies have shown the more time you spend inside a store, the more money you will spend. Don't dilly dally!

9:Avoid impulse buys (see number 2). Especially at the checkout stand, where prices are inflated.

10:If possible, leave the kids at home. Enough said.

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  1. Hi Mandi, this is Ginger!! I think I know you from a scrap booking party I went to about 3 or 4 years ago! I think you know my sister in law Alicia Giess. I tried to send you an email back, but it was returned to me. I am so glad you found my blog!! I think that is funny that they ask you if you are one of "Ginger's girls" I am definitely having fun couponing, and I have been doing it for about 2 years now! I just started my blog back in November!

    The meetings over in Shelby are not by me, they are held by the other lady that was in the newspaper article. She has the meetings in Shelby, and I had said that I would like to start something here in Mansfield. Sorry! Unfortunately, I can't come to the meeting this Sat, buy I really would love to come to one of the meetings and meet all my fellow couponers!

    About the Col. Dispatch, I think you should be able to get in on this deal. Call the Col. Dispatch, 1-800-487-4134, and give them the code 4290 and just let them know you want in on the .99 deal for 20 weeks! Well, hopefully, I will run into you soon!! Ginger