Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coupon Myths Busted!

Allysa over at Keeping the Kingdom First has been doing a wonderful blog series on Coupon Myths Busted! For all of those who have been considering couponing but are really just not sure if it is worth their time and effort this series if for them! It is also a great read through for us already couponing to remind us of why we are doing what we do!

Here are the first three in the series

Myth #1

Myth #2

Myth #3

With Myth #3 being “Oh, coupons just aren’t worth the extra time for me, I am much too busy…” I woudl have to say with me bing a stay at home mom to 4 kids (6 and under), homeschooler, owner of a hair bow bowtique, elder's wife, potty training, having a 4000 sq ft Victorian home, and a hubby who travels a lot for work I really need to try and consolidate as much as possible to free up some of my time. Even though the task of all that coupon clipping and organizing seems huge it is so worth it in our family budget. As I might have mentioned before, with a family of 6 our monthly budget for groceries/cleaning supplies/toiletries/diapers/baby items/and such is only $280 a month. When you look at how much a growing family of 6 needs that is really quite incredible! I can only do that with our couponing and stockpiling. One way that I have found to cut time and teach our child a lesson in frugality is to have our 6 1/2 year old clip coupons for money. She gets a penny per coupon clipped (she usually clips about 100 coupons while watching tv during the younger kids naps). I also stressed to her the importance of expiration dates and bar codes and she has to pay me 5 cents for each coupon she cuts out wrong. She definitely pays attention to what she's doing instead of the tv! This is a great time saver for me as well as giver her another way to save more money for her own American Girl Doll.

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