Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gymboree Red Ballon Sale

Gymboree's Semi Annual Red Balloon Sale started yesterday. According to the email they sent out:
accessories as low as $0.99
tops leggings and shorts as low as $4.99
so much more $7.99
I did stop into 2 different Gymboree stores while on vacation and was pretty disappointed at the small amount of sale items. We always use the Winter and Summer Red Balloon Sales to stock up for our next season....well not this Summer. I did of course find some great deals, but just a hand full at each store and mostly accessories. Now if you are shopping for a baby girl or size 8-12 girl both stores had tons. A few examples of what I found were:
Long Sleeved PJ's $4.99
Wild One Rain Boots $4.99
Holiday Friends (scottie dog) Leggings $1.99
Lots of Dots Leggings $3.99
Candy Shoppe Tights $0.99
Baby Boy Spring Khakis and Sweater Vests $4.99
Baby Boy Sweater $4.99 and matching socks $0.99
Cute as a Cupcake turtleneck $2.99
Daisy Days Shoes $4.99
Also....Family Fun Magazine (I found mine at Barnes and Noble) has a 20% off coupon in their June issue which can be used in combination with this sale. So, if you are finding a lot of items, ask to put them on hold at your local Gymboree and then run to a bookstore and pick up a Family Fun magazine for about $5.00 and get 20% off the sale prices. Not bad especially when this is a great magazine to read PLUS a coupon!

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